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How do you feel about MayDay?

The Occupiers are supposed to come out strong today.

Occupying many areas at the same time.  I wonder how the rainy weather in NYC has affected the local efforts? It has been pretty quiet on the Wall street front.

The Occupiers have been at it for months now, protesting against the 1%.  With no end in sight who knows what is to come. Today, MayDay is supposed to be a global day of massive protest in hopes of creating disruptions.

Here at NYCTalking we support the public’s right to protest. However we speak out against violence.  It is our belief that the efforts of these folks would be better served by distancing themselves from those that would break laws and commit crimes in hopes to achieve their aims.

We have read reports of potential violence in Seattle, I quote “Occupy MayDay Could Turn Violent. Protesters may conceal weapons, target police, damage property”.  Take a look at this link on to read about the warnings issued by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn in regards to potential violence in Seattle.

On the local front talks about how things will be handled in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg discusses MayDay in the following article.

We here at NYCTalking would like to hear your opinions on MayDay. Will you participate? What is your plan of action? What are your thoughts on people that chose to work today? What would you like to see happen as the end result of all this?

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