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How to handle training setbacks

In life you will encounter all sorts of setbacks, its par for the course. You’ll make plans, set them in motion, then reality will come over and kick you square in your mouth. That’s life.

Training is no exception to this rule. You’ll be working on some great gains, making progress on that weight loss plan you set out, then boom, an injury. Maybe it won’t be as serious as that, it could just be a period of weakness where you overeat and derail your goals. The holidays are a perfect example of that type of scenario. I packed on quite a few pounds over the holidays, as much as I said I wouldn’t, I did.

Anyway, so what can you do when that happens? Well, it’s quite simple, and there is no other way to handle that other than the one I’m about to share. So what is it? It’s not rocket science, you just pick up the pieces and keep going. It’s simple as that. You messed up? Gained some weight, got hurt, whatever. Okay, deal with whatever is present, and then just carry on. If you can’t train, then watch your eating. One way or another, you can continue the forward momentum. There really is no choice, otherwise you’ll just continue to regress, and no one wants that.

The way that I’ve put this into action is by simply doing it. My eating had been bad over the holidays, but I’d still been training fairly consistently. Especially since I teach. For me, getting back on the horse entailed going to the supermarket, picking up my healthy food, preparing it, then ingesting it. As far as training, I’ve just continued doing what I’ve been doing. Now, all I have to do is give some time to time and let my work do what it does.

Look folks, the only way to handle training setbacks, or setbacks in general is to get up, dust yourself off, and keep on trucking. I know I’m not saying something you’ve never heard before, but sometimes we just need a reminder. Keep on trucking!

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