How To Superman!


I’ve been providing some guidance to a new friend in regards to getting back in shape. My first personal trainer, Tom Ram, who is having the time of his life in Peru right now, is a huge proponent of functional fitness. I remember the first day I met him, he walks over as I’m doing dumbbell chest presses and plants the seed of functional training.

I worked with him for a few months after that, and have since then incorporated more functional training into my own regiment. Naturally, anyone I coach or give advice to will be receiving some of that influence. It makes perfect sense though, what good is having huge pecs if you can’t bend over to tie your shoes without hurting your back?

So when people think core, they think abs. Many times they focus on the “front” of their body, while neglecting the back. Tom, and many others believe that you need to put more focus on your back. After all, without your back, what are you?

Enter the superman movement. This was one of the movements I advised my friend to start with as she conditions her body for greater challenges. Today she wrote asking me “How to superman?” I replied, but also came across this great video by Living Strong which provides several variations of the movement depending on your fitness level.

How To Superman!

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