HP OMEN – 30L Gaming Desktop

I recently purchased this OMEN by HP. I picked this particular model because I saw that some of the other models had an issue where the pc would go to sleep and not wake back up. As much as I tried to avoid it, I ended up experiencing those very same sleep issues on this computer.

If you manually put the computer to sleep or allow it to go to sleep on its own, it simply will not wake back up. The fan will start to spin, the light will stay on, and no matter what you do it won’t respond. You actually have to pull out the power cable to get it to restart. It’s actually really frustrating.

I tried updating everything that I had researched on my own and nothing worked. I even had hp support remote in and install a bios update along with some other changes. After that, the computer would never go to sleep at all no matter what. So your choices are an eternal sleep or none at all.

Next up, they offered to send me a flash drive to restore the factory settings. I mentioned that I was fairly technical and could download the image to a thumb drive is they gave me the source. So they had me download the hp cloud recovery tool to rebuild the computer with new image.

I really didn’t want to do this after spending a full weekend installing and configuring all the apps and settings. But the tech assured me that performing a full wipe and rebuild would resolve the issue. I was very apprehensive about this but after asking several times if they believed this would actually resolve the issue and not waste any more of time, I performed the rebuild.

Well, as I suspected, the rebuild didn’t resolve the issue. In fact, it put me right back to square one, after going to sleep the computer won’t turn back on and the fan goes crazy. This literally put me right back to where I started.

The next response was, well, I would request you to return this computer to the vendor. I wasn’t really mad at the tech, he’s just following whatever script HP provided them with. But I really wish they didn’t waste so many hours of my day performing all these pointless troubleshooting steps. If this is a known issue, let’s just go straight to “return it,” or better yet, stop selling us broken equipment!

I thought this model would not have such issues, so I took a chance, but here we are. I was done at that point, I have decided to return the hunk of crap to best buy. Seriously, there is no world where it is okay that I should be reinstalling, troubleshooting and wasting so many hours of my day “fixing” a brand new computer. This is utterly ridiculous and I would strongly urge you to consider another product.

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