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In my constant search for healthy places to eat out in NYC, I came upon this place. I’m glad I did! The food, the ambiance, everything about this place is pretty damn awesome.

Generally, we entitled full of caca bloggers have at least one negative critique to hand out for a place, right? Damn entitled bloggers! Especially those that have been on national television as food critics, ugh, they are absolute the worst of the worst!

In this case though, I don’t have one negative thing to say about the place. Only positive, well, except for one thing, I wish they had a location downtown where I work, and one in Queens where I live.

I really wanted to taste the food, to experience it. Everything is organic, and clean. When I ate the eggs, I closed my eyes and seriously tried to experience it on a deeper level. I really wanted to taste, and see if I could tell the difference from other places. What I found were a greatly fulfilling taste, texture, perfect cook, and overall satisfying experience. The bacon was crunchy, and didn’t taste oily or greasy, also very delightful. The sweet potato mash, following the same trend was a yummy, soft texture that melts in your mouth. Oral orgasm, ladies and gentleman! Honestly, I don’t remember the name of that other item, so I’m going to check their website! Pardon me one second… Hu bread, I think it is called, that was just all healthy deliciousness. I tried one of their juices as well, it was an alkaline water type of thing, it was also very good. Alkaline water is supposed to be very good for you.

The food at this place was excellent, and I highly recommend giving them a try if you are in the area. You won’t leave feeling bloated, or gross. You will feel good and satisfied! And!!! It’s healthy! Win/win for everyone! Check out their website, it is very informative.

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Review of Hu Kitchen


Dying to try this place! Thanks for the rec.

Angel Rodriguez

Definitely get to it! It’s really good.