Hurt my back helping a lady

Some months ago I went to visit my mom over the weekend. As I was exiting the subway at 167th street I saw a woman struggling with a bunch of chairs and some cases of beer in a laundry cart.

Honestly, though I always do help, I’m really not keen on getting involved with other people’s stuff these days. Anyway, all the men walked past her and no one offered to help. I noticed one person offering to help her with it. I caught up with them and I noticed that the person helping her was struggling and almost fell down. I ran to them and offered to take over. That’s when I realized that the helper was a stud, she looked at me kind of hard then walked away without a word.

So I helped her with the first set of stairs and asked her which way was she was going. I said okay and then I helped her with the remaining stairs. In the process I kind of pulled my lower back muscles. I was already vulnerable from deadlifts and underestimated the weight of her crap. This was some heavy stuff and I’m not sure why she was trying to move this all alone. I jokingly asked her, “Where are all the men who will be sitting in these chairs and drinking the Coronas? They should be here helping you.” She smiled timidly and said thanks for the help, we parted ways and didn’t say any thing further.

Today was my first day in therapy for my neck and lower back pain. I kept cursing myself for being so “helpful” all the time. They say “no good deed goes unpunished,” as I hobble around in pain, I can’t help but believe that. I should have just minded my business and let the stud finish the job.

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