Husband left his wife on the subway

So my wife and I were riding the train into the city for her self defense class. We all noticed this drunk guy laughing to himself and behaving rather erratically. This is nothing new on the NYC subway, I mean come on now, especially these days.

So the drunk guy goes near some people trying to look for something under the seats. I have no idea what the dude was looking for, but I presume it was a beer bottle cap he appeared to drop.

That’s when this older guy abruptly gets up from the area the drunkard is searching and comes to sit near us. After a long while I noticed the drunk dude get off. Shortly thereafter this older lady gets up from the drunk’s area and comes sits next to the older guy who moved away. It turns out they are together.

So I mentioned this to my wife and told her that this guy got up and left his lady alone next to drunk guy. The whole ride wifey and I were watching this dude in case he crossed the line with the older lady. Meanwhile, this dude was with her and abandoned her over there.

I felt like calling him on this cowardly behavior, but I decided it wasn’t my place. I’m sure this is not the first time this coward has left his woman vulnerable like that and she’s still with him. So it stands to reason that she would defend him had I even approached the subject with them. So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I just kept my mouth shut and kept it pushing.

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