Hypocrite Trump Supporters

When it comes to the Obamas, the family has been criticized long and hard for everything under the sun. Be it for taking a vacation, for messing with school lunch, for fist bumping, and on and on it goes! In fact, this guy right here *points to self* has been guilty of it too. Granted, I criticize everyone, but they were certainly no exception. I’m as much a part of this problem as those I speak of. However, unlike those I will be speaking of, I’ve always been fair, even when I was on my anti-Obama trip. Even when I was registered as a Republican, I wanted to be fair to the common man and I voted for Obama in the general election. I like to think that I’ve always been fair.

So in all fairness to the Obamas, and to point out the glaring hypocrisy many people have, let’s examine this briefly. How many of you can tell me the number of times that Michelle Obama has been called “Ghetto,” or “Ratchet,” or not a good first lady because of her clothing? What about the way she speaks or carries herself? I have seen some terrible statements saying that she is a man, or a monkey, among many other untrue, disgusting insults. Mind you, she carries herself with class, but they still say these things. If she’s wearing a pair of shorts after returning from a vacation, “Oh, what kind of first lady dresses like that?” Bro, she’s dressed! But hang on, we’ll get to that.

Michelle Obama clothes

What about the children? Those young ladies have been hit just as hard, or even harder. Fox News recently had to close out their comments section on a piece they wrote about Malia because of the terrible racist attacks that were being launched. Accusations of favoritism, racism, insults, and all sorts of crap were being sent her way. A terrible display of humanity all because the kid got into Harvard. As if daddy being the President is the only reason, as if this was the first time ever that power had anything to do with someone getting a hookup. I’m sure that had some influence, let’s be real about that, but I’m also sure that it’s not the only reason. I’m positive about that. Yet, that didn’t stop the fox news fans from losing their heads over it. What about that other time that they were being attacked for how they dressed as well? I’ve always felt that young kids should be off limits, but that doesn’t seem to matter to these haters.

malia obama clothes

The Obamas, based on these few pictures, have been vilified and torn to shreds by certain individuals in the opposing party. However, those same standards don’t apply when it comes to their precious Trump. I’ve seen commentary stating how lovely and beautiful his wife would be as the first lady. “We will finally have a woman in the White House who is worthy of being the first lady.” Really? That’s your stance when it comes to this?

trump obama hypocrites

Now let’s be clear here. I’m not judging her nudity, nor her personal life choices. Personally, I’d like to, well, let’s not go there as it’s not relevant to this post. Let’s just say I have no issue with her nudity. However, I do take issue with all of these individuals who seem to have a problem with shorts, yet are ok with this display. Tell me, if that is not the uber duber quintessential double standard, then what is?

Christians should know that I always come to bat for them when it comes to double standards. However, any of you who support Trump, and claim to be Christian, are picking and choosing what sin is okay, and what isn’t. Because I’m pretty sure that this photo, in its uncensored form would not be acceptable under any sect of Christianity.

So, in closing, I’ll repeat what the meme above states, if you accept this as a potential first lady, while condemning the other for shorts, you my friend are a hypocrite. You are that, and many other things as well, but let’s just leave it at that one for purposes of this piece.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Well said. Thank you for speaking on behalf of so many of us!


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