I felt embarrassed at Equinox

Recently, I had a fitness assessment done at Equinox. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Equinox, but I use to train there when I worked down at Wall Street. Equinox is an upscale gym, and its full of rich and mostly beautiful people.

It goes without saying that with this type of clientele, their personal training and group fitness staff must fall into an elite realm. During my assessment I had about 10 or more personal trainers looking at my report on a big screen.

At one point my friend introduced me as a fellow trainer, “Angel teaches Zumba and Kickboxing.” When he did this, I felt myself shrinking in shame. Why you ask? Well, I was around people who have been doing this fitness thing since the time I was still a sloth. I am nowhere near the level of physical aesthetic beauty that they have attained. My buddy reminded me, “Angel, don’t feel bad, remember, you are still working on your transformation. We are not here to shame you, we are here for you, to help you get to the next level.”

I know he’s right, but I still felt embarrassed. In any case, that moment lit a fire under my ass that has been driving me for weeks and weeks now. I’ve been meal prepping, monitoring my calories, and doing the training that was recommended to me during the assessment. My body is changing, and soon I’ll be proud when someone introduces me as an instructor at a place like Equinox!

I take pride in what I do. Granted, I’m only a part time fitness instructor, but I want to be the best damn part time fitness instructor that I can be. I want to be a source of inspiration, and I want to be the living example that these folks aspire to. The equinox assessment was supposed to provide me knowledge for continuing towards my goals, but it inadvertently lit a fire under my ass to train even harder and smarter! Thanks for having me, Tom!

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