I used to be famous

This movie is about a former “boy band” superstar who is now struggling in the world. He doesn’t have a job, is apparently broke, and even mocked in the streets. “How far the mighty have fallen.”

As we watched, I said to my wife that I thought it was really weird that we were living better than he was. We have never been rich or famous like him, but we’ve got it more together. I really don’t understand how someone can go from being a famous superstar to living so badly. They never really showed what happened for him to reach that bad state, though you can kind of surmise it from the story.

Throughout his journey in life, he comes across a kid who has a form of autism. However, the kid appears to love expressing himself through the music. They develop a friendship and we are taken on a touching, musical journey of self discovery for all the parties involved. Lessons are learned, hearts are broken and ultimately mended.

This is a very touching movie and I’m sure you’ll find it heartwarming. I highly recommend you check it out.

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