Idiots walk into Police Station armed

I recently came across this video of these two “journalists” who walked into a Police Station armed (read idiots). They showed up to a police precinct in Deerborn, Michigan to “file a complaint” for an “unlawful” traffic stop. Apparently, they felt their lives were “threatened” so they had to open carry their firearms into the precinct. Brilliant.

These two buffoons went in there with the specific objective of getting a reaction out of the officers. Clearly they were trying to provoke them. One of those two idiots was even wearing a ski mask and I think they had on bullet proof vests.

Those idiots cursed at the cops, disobeyed their commands and were defiant throughout the whole episode. The cops asked them, “What the hell is wrong with you,” and their response was “Fuck you, what’s wrong with you, this is legal.”

Watching that video was unbelievable for me, I’m amazed at the level of restraint those officers showed. Those two idiots are lucky to be alive.

For the record, most of us legal gun owners would not do something stupid like this. We are not trying to piss off or provoke law enforcement. We know that they have a very stressful job, and we’d never try to make it worse for them. These two are idiots and they deserve all of the charges that are being brought against them. I bet they feel like some sort of martyrs. Damned idiots.

All that being said, how polite was one of these officers? He said, “Put it on the ground, I’ll put a round through you sir.” A commenter said that this is the nicest, most professional death threat they have ever heard.

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