I’m a flirt

Have you guys listened to the song “I’m a flirt” by R-Kelly? One of the lines in the song says the following:

If you love your girl, and wanna keep your girl, don’t be walking up and asking me to meet your girl.

As I listen to the song, I can’t help but frown at some of the lyrics. Like who do these dudes think they are that they can just take your girl? I’d kick R-Kelly’s ass for that shit. Go on and play yourself homie! You better have mad security with you cause I’d whoop on you!

All that aside though, let’s focus on the fools referenced in the aforementioned line. I can’t help but wonder what kind of man would go up to another man, whether it is a celebrity or not and ask said man to meet his girl. I mean, bro, are you seriously that stupid?

It’s one thing if your lady goes to them, or if he tries to holla at your girl. However, what kind of self respecting man would actually approach another man, and say something like, “My girl is a fan, she would really like to meet you.” You are straight up being a wing man for your girl to hook up with another dude. You are helping your woman meet another man. In other words, you is one dumb motherfucker!

Seriously bros, what the fuck? And you know it’s happened otherwise these dudes wouldn’t be rapping about it. I can’t understand or believe that. I guess some people have no respect for themselves or they are just that stupid!