IMMIGRANT attempts to hang toddler, No prison time and no talk of deportation

Hush little baby don’t you cry… No, I’m not mocking this woman’s crocodile tears. Singing songs like that is what we are supposed to do in day care, but instead, this deranged woman was hanging a noose around a toddler’s neck in an attempt to murder them.

She plead guilty to attempted murder, among other charges, but a judge said that “she is not likely to reoffend” and will not send her to prison on the attempted murder charge. Instead, they just gave her credit for the 20 months and giving her probation.

How many first time Latino or Black offenders have you ever heard a judge saying, “They’ll probably not reoffend, let’s let them go.” The better question to ask is how many Latino or Black first time offenders do you think are rotting away in prison right now for lesser crimes?

Nataliia Karia, 43, received her punishment in Hennepin County court after pleading guilty to attempted murder and third-degree assault earlier. She also pleaded guilty to criminal vehicular operation for hitting a pedestrian, a bicyclist and another driver as she fled from her home in a minivan in November 2016.

She’s obviously an immigrant, a legal resident, but there is not even one word being mentioned about deporting her ass for committing these crimes. The anti immigrant crowd is quick to tell you, “You know, being a legal resident, you can be deported for several reasons if you commit a crime.”

You know where those same people are right now? Nowhere, they are nowhere. But if this woman were Hispanic, they’d have the fattest, raging hard-ons in an attempt to “Kick her out of the country.” That is assuming she didn’t get shot and killed by the police for being black or brown while committing vehicular assault and the attempted murder of a TODDLER.

This psychotic woman committed multiple crimes and she’s not only still alive to cry about it, wah, wah, wah… She’s not being targeted for deportation and she’s not even getting real prison time for attempting to hang a TODDLER with a noose! Bro, what the fuck? It’s not like she slit a police officer’s throat and didn’t get any jail time! Wait, what?

Yet you stupid fucks will tell me that there’s no injustice in this country. That everyone is treated the same. Look at this picture, she’s being comforted, but she’s the one who tried to hang a fucking toddler! Not only are her lawyers trying to comfort her, but the judge also tried to comfort her by letting her off the hook. But you talk about equality and there’s not a broken system? Fuck you, Fuck you, and fuck you too.

If she were Hispanic, people would lose their shit about that damn invading immigrant and she’d either be dead or deported after serving 20 years. Also, it looks like she’s wearing a headset, which indicates that she probably doesn’t speak English, but hey, that’s not a problem, unless she’s spanish, right? Fuck you.

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