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Inakaya Japanese Restaurant

Two weeks ago, the lady and I went over to The Shed to see Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise, but guess what? We showed up on the wrong week! In any case, as part of our date night prior to the show that we wouldn’t get to see until the following week, we went to have an early dinner at Inakaya.

My wife is a bit more experimental and adventurous than I am about these things, so she had us sit by the chefs and cooks. This way they hand you the food with this long ass wooden spoon like thing. I don’t mind engaging with people, but I don’t feel very comfortable eating with people staring at me. Fortunately, my discomfort was short lived and I was able to relax.

Our server was pretty friendly and answered any questions we may have had. He made suggestions, etc.

The food was pretty delicious. We had a variety of things ranging from Sushi to steak, and everything was delicious. Please note that because we checked in on yelp, they gave us a free order of edamame. If you go, find out if that offer still stands. The edamame was pretty good.

Above you see spicy tuna on crispy rice. This was a bit different but pretty damn good. The lady and I both enjoyed this dish.

We also got down with some chicken skewers. These were also pretty good, but I liked the circle ones more than the strips.

My wife got this steak dish, it was pretty yummy too. Love me some steak!

Of course you know I had to get me some sushi. It was really good. But as I ate it, I felt kind of bad because there were fish on ice right in front of me. I eat meat and seafood, but it felt weird with dead fish there staring at me. I actually felt kind of guilty and sad about it. Kind of hurt my soul. But that aside, the food was delicious.

This is not a cheap night out, but the food is good and well worth it. We’ll definitely return one day.

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