Independent Voter On The Presidential Debate

If you watched the debate last night, I suppose that you were at least slightly entertained. It wasn’t the horrid circus that most of us were expecting it to be, but it was slightly entertaining.

When it comes to political parties, I don’t support either. I’m not a registered Democrat, or a Republican. I vote on the issues, so here is my brief analysis as an Independent Voter On The Presidential Debate last night.

Now, I know that what you guys really want to know is my take on it. Right? I mean, I’m so important, and my words mean so much that you totally want to know what my dumbass thinks. Hehe. No, but self deprecating humor aside, I have to give this first round to Hillary.

Anyone who follows my work, knows I am no fan of Hillary’s, and I’m certainly not a fan of Trump. I think that my views are in line with most of the nation when I say, “How did we end up with these two?”

That being said, I think Hillary made Trump look really bad. The audience didn’t make much noise, applause, etc, but when they did, it appeared to be in favor of Hillary. I think the most humorous point was when he started saying, “I have a better temperament than Hillary.” That part almost sound like an SNL skit, it was just sad and funny at the same time. She didn’t have to say much at that moment, simply smile and let him talk. He made himself look really bad. You almost felt sorry for the guy because of how pathetic he looked.

Let’s be honest, even if you don’t like Trump, some of what he says is somewhat true. Just the same, some of what Hillary says is also true. And, they both lie. It’s what politicians do. I don’t care for either, but Hillary took the debate, and up to this point, she has my vote.

You know what the funny thing is, I know that Trump is full of crap. That guy can’t do 1/4 of the crap he spews. That’s not what scares me about Trump. What scares me about him is the sense of empowerment that the racist element of this country would feel if he wins. Next thing you know, people will think that it’s okay to go Puerto Rican hunting again, and I never much cared for that game.

On the other hand, if Hillary wins, it’s pretty much more of the same, the status quo. Big money, Wall Street, Privilege, and so on.  But, between empowering those damn racists who send me swastikas, or giving this woman this honor, I have to go with the one that is less likely to have people like me attached to the back of a pick up truck. So Hillary will get my vote, up to this point.

I look forward to the other debates, though I doubt the outcomes will be different. How did you call the debate last night?

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