Injustice Movie

I recently watched Injustice on HBO Max and I thought that film was pretty damn good. I’ve never really played the video game, but the concept of it has definitely had my attention over the years.

In this show, The Joker does some really unimaginable stuff to Superman to try and turn him against the world. I guess he didn’t really think that through because Superman does to him what I think Batman should have done long ago.

My son and I often disagree on this because he’s more of a Daredevil philosophy guy while I tend to be more of a Punisher kind of guy. So, without dropping any actual spoilers here, I’d say that I very much appreciated Superman’s actions in this animated series.

Now overtime, he does tend to get a bit carried away, but I have to say that I can’t entirely blame him. I mean, if you had Superman’s powers, would you also not try to spare others the pain you’ve felt by taking drastic actions to protect them from themselves?

This film had Marvel Civil War vibes to it. It kind of splits things up and puts all the heroes against each other based on which philosophy they wish to pursue. It’s basically Batman trying to protect humanity with Superman destroying anyone who challenges his will.

The movie was pretty crazy and surprised me many times based on who they killed and how things went down. I think I will read the comics because some portions of it left me with some questions. For instance, what the hell was Grayson’s purpose after meeting with a Goddess? That whole part seemed kind of pointless because they didn’t really give us what the point was? Perhaps in the graphic novel those questions and more may be answered?

Overall, I think this movie was really dope and I enjoyed it very much. Generally, you can’t really go wrong with those DC animated films. They usually tend to be really good and I don’t think I’ve watched one I didn’t like. Two thumbs up for Injustice.

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