Inspire Me (Original Song)

(2X) How you inspire me
You’ve got me so high
You bring me to life
when I thought I’d surely die

I listen as your speaking, paying full attention, mental notes, I make no deviations
With these abundance of thoughts, I feel excitement, you know, my stirred emotions
My words they come forward enter your ears forming all of these elaborate confessions
Your manner so inviting, so enticing, softly stimulating verbal declarations
These simultaneous interactions, chemical reactions, causing these volcanic eruptions
Bringing life into my eyes deriving pleasure from this scene, a one way loving connection
but chill, relax, don’t jump ahead, and don’t you dare to make any assumptions
the duality of life, the true desires comes to the light with my obvious intentions

(2X) How you inspire me
You’ve got me so high
You bring me to life
when I thought surely I’d die

(This version features kfHox on chorus, and a verse by I’Wante)

A ray of sunshine in the summer time your soft, shining, Arabian glow,
The way you turning me on a water faucet looking forward just to hear your words flow
and without even trying my full attentions you caught, now its my interest you hold
your charisma and charms and flawless beauty that I saw the way it spoke to my soul
I can’t explain it, can’t deny it, all I know is that my mind is surely losing control
I start to question, search for answers, wondering how can this be, I just can’t say it ain’t so
the sweet things you said as you rested your head on my shoulder an accidental provoke
now I’m screaming out loud and I’m declaring my love it ain’t a secret saying the words that you know

(2X) How you inspire me
You’ve got me so high
You bring me to life
when I thought surely I’d die

Dark is the world, only light I can see, yeah, I see you shining about
I’m losing my way I see you point out the route its an illusion I just had to call out
Floodgates open, overflowing, cup is filled up with the words that I just wish I had said
open your heart, be one with my soul, you can’t resist this you surrender undress
Allowing the flow, the rivers that run like the Cairo, they’re releasing the stress
With my words that enter as they penetrate you deep down and they massage and caress
it’s 100 hundred degrees, this journey’s a dream, embracing bodies take a trip to heaven
and I’m touching your soul, and I’m embracing your thoughts, I’m overwhelmed, please believe all I said

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