Internet outage at the office

On occasion, I’ll come into the office and the internet will be down. This happens and is usually resolved as it was on that hilarious episode of South Park many years ago, by resetting the modem.

Other times though, it’s not that simple. Sometime ago, we were down for a day and half due to a wire being clipped. This was done during the Time Warner strike by a disgruntled employee. Other times it’s been an accidental wire cut, or due to weather. Yesterday it appeared that there may have been some sort of accidental case on Spectrum’s side.

We have an offsite location that has been without internet now for about 5 months because it is in a remote area and some wires were damaged. It’s crazy, I’ve been trying to get money back from them, and the whole process has quite daunting. Get your life together Verizon!

As an I.T guy, this is a worst case scenario. Our entire office is at a standstill and there is nothing I can do about it because there is an outage in the area. We sent the team home and hopefully we’ll be back in a few hours. I know the outage has been going on since about 9:30pm last night. Though Spectrum says, “There is no outage reported.” Well, I’m reporting it now!

Internet outages suck, but they are a part of life. How do you deal with this in your work environment?

*Update* We got our internet back by 9pm in the evening. We were down for about 24 hours. I’d also like to note that Spectrum scheduled a tech to stop by between 12pm and 1pm. They never came, and when I called they told me, “Oh, no one is coming because it is an area outage.” Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be somewhat professional that if you have someone waiting on a tech, and the tech isn’t coming, that you tell them? Spectrum, get your life together too! Mind you, we are a business account, not residential.

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