Interview: The adult photographer.

NYCTalking recently had a top secret interview with an adult photographer. By top secret I mean that by their own request we will not be revealing his identity or the site that he photographs for. By adult photographer I mean he takes pictures of nearly naked, completely naked, and or topless women. He keeps very busy which I find interesting in this day and age.

In any case the models never show it all in the pictures, he keeps its clean showing just enough where you can see the subject’s body but without violating any online community rules.

In this post we will be sharing some of the information and stories he shared with us. It’s pretty interesting, scary and in some cases just downright nasty!

The statement that stood out most in my mind was how he said to me and I quote  “ARod, it’s all a lie. You see those perfect bodies, all that beauty, it’s all just a big fat lie. Literally!”

A lie, what do you mean a lie? How is that possible? The lie is called “photoshop” according to my friend. He said to me “You know the model you liked right, that Asian girl”? I reluctantly replied “yes”, he then said “Well she happens to be one of the least touched up images, but  don’t get it twisted, she’s still touched up”. Noooooooo! I asked him what was done to her, “nah A, nah, don’t get me wrong, she is really fine, really, really hot, I’ll say that most of what you see on her is what you get in real life… But….. Since you ask…. Well, I had to round out her ass a little bit and I plumped it up too. Not too much though, but just enough to put her over the top!”

He then went on to tell me about the other one that I found attractive, a thin, black woman. “You see that one, 2 big things were adjusted for her. One of them was all the stretch marks, she has a lot of stretch marks. She also asked me to make her look thinner in the middle. So I had to take down her legs, her stomach, lower back and hips. She really doesn’t look like what the picture portrays at all (laughing). Sorry bro, I know I’m killing your fantasy here”.

Nooooooooooo! Tricked again!!

In case you are wondering why I am sharing this information, there is a simple answer. Most of us have learned this through life experience, and some of us have yet to learn it, but “things aren’t always what they seem.”

Here are a few more quotes from this photographer:

“This one hood rat came to the studio, she got into her panties and bra, then she reached in between her legs through the panties, took out a blood stained tissue and threw it on my floor. She said she just had an abortion or some sh*t. I was like what the hell is wrong with you woman? I made her pick up the bloody tissue and threw her nasty ass out of my studio. What the freak!”

“This other one came over and asked to spend the night with me after the pictures. I’m thinking she wants to smash. So we are in bed laying together, and I put an arm on her. She said ‘hell no, what do you think I am’. To which I replied on my bed, you better get your ass on the floor. As a matter of fact, why are you even sleeping in my house? Go to the bus stop. I threw her ass out too.”

“I had this other girl that had so many stretch marks. She said he had a bunch of kids and mad abortions. I couldn’t even look at her. I took the pictures, edited one, and then I told her I couldn’t do anymore, it was just too much work to remove those stretch marks and I felt like I was going to vomit dude. It was just nasty.”

“Two days ago a nice looking girl came over, she looked around and asked me if this was where the pictures happened. I told her yeah, I work out of home, all the pics you have seen were done here. She said no way and walked out. Yo at least I didn’t have to throw her out over whatever stupid crap she was gonna do. Lol. I screamed at her that if I was a killer she’d already be too late. Stupid ass.”

He shared a few more stories, told me how tired of it he was. When asked if he got turned on he said he’s seen so much ass that it seldom phases him, though sometimes there is a girl that gets him going. But that this is very, very rare anymore.

It’s an interesting hobby this guy has, with some interesting photo subjects, it all makes for some interesting stories.

And that’s my photographer interviewee.

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