Invalid cop shooting comparison

Take a look at this meme above, they make a statement that I partially agree with. Yes, our cops do require more extensive training, a few weeks at the academy is definitely not enough. I’d also say that they need to be better evaluated/screened prior to being hired for this type of work. Once employed, I think there needs to be PTSD and other form of psychological treatment to make sure they stay mentally healthy and fit to perform the job. The list could go on and on, but let’s move along.

The comparison, however noble is flawed. First of all, those countries pale in comparison to the size of our nation. They would make up 3 states if even that much in the U.S. The U.S has approximately 325 million inhabitants, while Finland has 5 million. Look at what comes up on the first page of google when looking up Finland demographic information:

Finland numbers some 5.5 million people and has an average population density of 17 inhabitants per square kilometre. There has not been any remarkable growth in the number of population since the inception of modern Finland. This makes it the third most sparsely populated country in Europe, after Iceland and Norway.

Notice the other 2 countries in that last statement? These three countries listed in this unfair meme are the three most sparsely populated countries in Europe. All three of them are on that list! Is it at all surprising that their numbers are so different to ours when it comes to police shootings?

Furthermore and possibly even more telling is that those three countries are primarily made up of a homogeneous population. I’ve never been to any of those three countries, but I bet you that the large majority of people there are white, and look like each other. In the United States, the entire concept of the nation is a “melting pot” made up pretty much of immigrants from all over the globe.

That being said, if one believes that white privilege is really a thing, then a large portion of people in those countries is privileged by default. I’m sure there is “something” that they use to discriminate and treat each other like crap, but it would not be as widespread as it is in the U.S.

That meme is wrong based on the size of the nations, and the homogeneous populations. What do you think?

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