iPad Mini 6 Case, Waterproof Case for iPad Mini 6th Generation

No joke, this is the 5th iPad case that I have tried for my device. I have 3 more coming today that I’d like to test as well. Of all of them, this one appears to be the most secure, compact, and cool looking.

Still, in one way or another, they have all fallen short, this one included. The one issue I have with this one is that it doesn’t have a good stand. It comes with a rinky-dink stand that you have to stick on with adhesive. How long do we think that would last? I don’t intend to put it in water, but adhesive? Come on now, that’s just flimsy.

The touch ID button nearly becomes unusable in this case and I find myself entering the passcode more often than not. The volume buttons are very tactile and responsive, they work really well. The cover for the USB connector is fairly easy to open and is not a hassle at all. I’d argue that it even opens more easily that my older Otterbox case. The screen responsiveness is fairly good but sometimes requires an extra tap.

All in all, I really like this case. It provides a really high level of protection by covering your iPad in the front and back then snapping together. The extra screen protection is great too. I added a screen protector anyway, but this is an added layer of protection. It says that it is waterproof, but we are not going to test that theory. I never take my iPad near water and I’m not going to trust that a $25 case is waterproof. If I’m walking in the rain, I trust that it will be safe though, that much I do believe. But we ain’t going for no swims.

It is extremely likely that this will remain to be my case, but for good measure, I wanted to try the other 3 that I found which do have built-in stands. They appear a bit bulkier, and one of them has that annoying spot for your pen that adds width to the case. Mind you, this one also has the pen slot, but it goes inward toward the case and doesn’t add as much bulk. We’ll see, but honestly, I think this one is it.

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