Iron Mountain Review

I had some documents that have accumulated at the office over the years, enough to fill up 3 banker’s boxes. I put in an order for Iron Mountain to shred them and here’s my experience.

Initial order

This was easy enough. I placed the order online, and in theory, someone was supposed to contact me to set up scheduling and onboarding. 4 days later, I still had not heard back from anyone so I sent then an email. Eventually, someone contacted me and I provided the requested details.


So after that initial contact, it was several days later, and the “direct account representative” person was still being extremely unresponsive. I sent another email to their support and then I got my pickup date from my dedicated representative. I wasn’t provided a time, and once again I sent several emails, at that point, I still had no assigned time.

End result

So after a few more emails, I received a window for pickup. They said that they don’t provide a time until the day of. My question is, why couldn’t someone simply provide that information to me when I asked? In any case, the pickup window was from 12pm to 4pm. Not terrible as far as time windows go.

The gentleman showed up at about 1pm with a locked plastic bin, he was very friendly and answered my questions. This portion was without a doubt the smoothest part of the interaction, actually getting the work done. Getting here, now that was the hard part.


There are several other companies out there that do shredding, but if you have 5 boxes or fewer and want to pay about $100, then Iron Mountain is your best option. Yes, their administrative and managerial staff leave quite a good deal to be desired, but so far as my research went, these guys have a monopoly on these smaller-sized shreds. If you know of any other options that may be better, I’m open to them for future projects. Other than that, these are going to be your guys.

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