Is that real Zumba?

Over the years, I’ve taken many Zumba classes. I’ve noticed instructors talk about this and I’ve seen it myself.

There are people who stay true to the Zumba brand. Zin who are loyal and follow the brand to the letter! You’ll see them wearing a Zumba shirt, pants, hat, and even Zumba sneakers. They use Zin songs and choreography as well as possibly their own, while staying in format. These are what one can call “real zumba” instructors.

Then there are other instructors who teach a fitness class in a “Zumba” slot, but they are not teaching Zumba as far as the brand goes. It is just a cardio dance class that is being taught under the name Zumba. But it’s not real Zumba.

Everyone knows the name Zumba, so I think it is used to indicate some sort of dance class, even when the instructor has no freaking clue. However, you can tell the difference when it is is a real ZIN or some person faking the funk.

Mind you, I’m not saying one is better than the other, I’m just making a distinction that I’ve noticed while going to many gyms all over the NYC area. I enjoy both styles and it really comes down to the instructor, their vibe, song choice, etc. However, they shouldn’t call it Zumba, if its not Zumba. That’s not cool.

Some of the classes I have attended were not “traditional Zumba” classes and I loved them. But they are not Zumba. Just the same, I’d taken “traditional Zumba” classes, and I loved them too. Variety in life is necessary and I’m grateful that everyone brings their own flavor and style to it. Otherwise, if they were all clones of each other, things would get boring really fast! But again, it’s not Zumba and you shouldn’t call it Zumba!

I know that ZIN get mad about the renegade instructors, they water the brand down! But this is the real world and people do what they do to try and get that money. At the end of the day, as long as people are getting healthier, it’s all good. But on that same note, if you are not teaching Zumba, don’t call it Zumba. Those of us who know Zumba, will notice!

By the way, Zumba also noticed this article and had posted this in response to it. Yo, I’m not condoning fake Zumba people, I’m just saying that they do exist!

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