How I’ve Eliminated Migraine headaches

In this post I’m going to tell you how I’ve eliminated migraine headaches from my life. Bare in mind that I am NOT a medical professional, and this is solely my own personal experience, based on my body. These things may not work for you, and they can even prove detrimental to your health. So read it with an open mind, consult your doctor, and go from there. I’m telling you again, I ain’t a doctor.

In my personal experience, my migraines may have been possibly triggered by two things, unhealthy food and blood pressure.¬†Whenever I eat unhealthy food, more often than not, I end up getting a bad headache. Even if the food is not terrible, but the place is “suspect,” this could have an adverse effect on my noggin.

It’s not just my head, I end up physically feeling like crap overall, but my head hurts pretty much every time. In fact, one of my key tests when determining if I’ll ever return to a restaurant, is if the place gave me a headache! If I get a headache, I know that their ingredients are subpar, and I’ll never return. If you read my reviews on NYCTalking, you’ll find that I always mention whether or not the place gave me a headache.

Ever since I’ve cleaned up my eating, I’ve been feeling way better overall. The cleaner eating, combined with exercise has helped me lose weight, and with that, I feel better in my body. But, the added benefit of no longer getting those horrible, crippling headaches is amazing.

I suppose that combined with my diet, the blood pressure medication that I take has helped. This medication has the added benefit of allegedly helping control migraines, the doctor chose this one because of that fact. So the combination of better eating, weight loss, and the necessary medication has helped nearly eliminate my headaches. This isn’t to say that I never, ever get headaches, sometimes if I miss a meal by too much time, or if I push beyond my human limits, I can still get one. However, they are far and in between.

A couple of years ago I had a headache nearly every other day. Nowadays, it’s extremely rare, and for this I am grateful, because anyone who’s ever had migraines can tell you, those things are a nightmare!

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