Jack Reacher Never Go Back

This contains some spoilers and story plot, proceed with caution.

I know that I’m a bit late to the party, but I think I’m going to try and make an effort to review the movies that I watch. Even if it short and a “yes or no” type of thing. I don’t have the stamina or interest to write really long, analytical, in depth movie reviews, but I can do smaller ones.

Anyway, I noticed that they put out a series called Jack Reacher, and since then, I’ve been meaning to watch the movie. Yesterday, the lady threw on “Never go back,” so I sat to watch it with her after the gym. As usual, she got sleepy and went to bed, as usual, I had to sit through and finish the movie.

I don’t think that this is the first movie in the series, but it’s what I started with. I didn’t know anything about the character, but I presumed it was going to be another Bourne identity type of film. I was right.

Jack is a former Army Major, and he discovers that they are up to no good. Coincidentally, he strikes up a friendship with his replacement Major, and starts to help her catch some bad dudes. Even more coincidentally, he comes to meet her in person and discovers that she has been jailed on some b.s. Of course now he gets involved.

From there he starts to snoop around as he realizes something is fishy, and in the process they try to frame him to kill him. You know how they do with those story lines. Anyway, things get real complicated cause the bad guys have some control over the army military police, so while the actual good guys are hunting him, so are the bad guys who are getting the same intel from the good guys. It’s actually kind of irritating how the bad guys always seem to know where to go, I hate that about these movies, they always have the exact whereabouts of the hero, really?

Reacher is a loner, but he is forced to get involved with two women in this film. So I don’t want to write out the whole film, but I thought it was exciting and fun to watch. Totally worth the time. Next I’m going to watch the first one, then I’ll eventually try out the series at some point. I suppose this is coming from a book or comic, I’ll have to look into that as well cause its pretty dope. Definitely pick it up if you can! I watched it on Amazon Prime.

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