JBL – LIVE 400BT Wireless On-Ear

These headphones sounds really good. I think of all the ones I tried this round, these were my favorite overall. Unlike the previous Sony headphones I reviewed, these definitely stayed on my head.

I actually picked these up and took them out for a test run as I commuted to the city to go see my dentist. As I mentioned before, the sound is great. I really enjoyed listening to music on these.

Also, as I mentioned before, they stayed right on my head. Sadly, the thing that I wanted is also the thing that made me return these. You see, these fit so snug, so tight, that after a train ride, I had to pull them off my ears. They were tight, but too tight.

I know that most headphones give us fatigue, but these were hurting after about 30 minutes. I need to be able to wear them for at least 90 minutes. So because of that, and pretty much only that, I returned these. I’ve actually considered picking them up again and giving them another chance. I did like them, and maybe I will do that.

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