Jlab Rewind

In my never ending quest for a pair of workout and walking headphones, I came across these Jlab Rewind headphones. I remember saying at some point, “If they ever make the headphones I had back in the day with bluetooth, I’m all over it.” Well, here they were. So though I was a bit reluctact, I bought a pair.

So the headphones pretty much met my expectations. I didn’t have any high hopes for these, they were exactly what I thought they’d be. The sounds is what it is, you know? There is no power bass, it’s not great, but its okay and functional. Similar to the old school headphones we had as kids. They weren’t too good then and you can’t expect them to be too good now, not really.

Here’s the thing though, they don’t hurt my head, they stay on my head, and they pump out tunes just good enough to be acceptable for my needs. I had bought them as a place holder until I sorted out my headphone choice, but I’ve actually been using them for months now.

The controls are very minimal and the battery life is not that great, but for what I need, they work just fine. They are small and fit right in my jacket pocket, light, free from wires and sound okay. What else does one need in a pair of “whatever” headphones.

Update: After using them some more and listening more closely, I have to admit that the sound is better than I initially stated. These are actually worth having a look. They ain’t as good as the bigger ones I tried, but I’m actually feeling them now.

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