John Carter

This movie was pretty good. It’s about a guy from Earth who is searching for a cave of gold and somehow ends up on Mars. Yeah, Mars.

During his time on Mars he gets captured by an alien race, but kind of becomes a part of them. On Mars he has the ability to jump really, really far. Also, due to his bone density from Earth, he’s really strong on the planet. This makes him a bit of a celebrity with his captors.

Down the road, he meets a Martian princess and gets pulled into her cause. There are some manipulators in the background pulling strings to benefit their own cause which involves a ruthless killer who wants to destroy the Princess and her people in the city Helium. Typical villain who wants to rule the world. Carter gets pulled into it and decides to help the princess and her people out. They are at a disadvantage due to the aforementioned manipulators and their abuse of power, but Carter does his best to help.

Overall, this was an entertaining movie that I had never really heard of and came into with zero expectations. I really enjoyed it and it is totally worth a watch!

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