John Wick Chapter 4

My son and I went to watch this movie today, and though I enjoyed it, I think that it could have been about 30 minutes shorter. They kind of dragged out some scenes really far and it wasn’t necessary. Yes, the action was phenomenal and exciting, but just a bit much.

I think the story, though kind of continuing the arch of the other films, kind of seemed a bit weird to me. The villain looked like an easy guy to kill, but he had some much power, it was just weird. It was like John Wick against the whole world, everyone was trying to kill him. That just made for a weird plot. At least they didn’t hurt any dogs this one! Geez! Also, how indestructible is John Wick? This dude survives things that would kill most humans. I’ve gotten significantly more hurt sneezing that he does falling out a 2 story apartment building. The boy is durable!

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the film, but like I said, some of it was just odd to me. The end was kind of messed up, but not surprising. The end credits scene kind of left us hanging and guessing at what happens. That kind of sucks, but maybe it is to set up the future? I don’t know.

I’ll say it once more, it was a good film, but probably my least favorite of the four. Though still an overall great film.

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