Johnathan Gentry on change in the black community.

This man tells it like it is! He talks about the looting that is happening in Ferguson, Missouri over the Michael Brown shooting. That’s not all though, he covers much, much more! He leaves us with a simple question, when will we change as black people? Take a few moments and listen to what Gentry has to say. I am not black, but as a Puerto Rican man who grew up in the hood, I can relate 100%! There is a reason I never ended up in jail. It’s called common sense.

Can you explain to me how looting helps anyone? Destroying your own community? Robbing local businesses? You call that fighting back against the police? Come on, give me a break, the only people getting hurt are the victims of the looting. Can anyone tell me how breaking into the community’s small businesses, burning them, destroying them, or stealing sneakers is helping anyone? Besides the thieves that willprobably sell them on eBay, or just wear the new kicks?

There is no way anyone can justify what I saw in some of those video clips. I saw people leaving stores with dozens of items. I really, really, really doubt that they were thinking of anyone but themselves at that point. It was simply disgusting. They won’t gain an ally in someone like me, by doing that. My point is, that robbing small businesses is not the answer. I can’t believe that some people are making the case that this behavior is acceptable. Would you be OK if this was your mother’s shop being looted? Get out of town, I’m not buying it for one minute! Neither is Johnathan Gentry!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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