Joker The man who stopped laughing

Honestly, I’ve always had a hard time with DC comics, they tend to remind me of why I used to avoid reading comics altogether. I always had a hard time because they tend to be all over the place. The bubbles and side bars, all that stuff, it’s hard for me to read that way. I always have and still very much do prefer to read a book. However, I have started to read more and more comics too.

So this one caught my interest, but is no exception to the rule. It is all over the place and quite hard to read. It is the Joker after all, so I guess that is to be expected. LOL. In this world, it appears as though The Joker has fallen off so to speak. I guess there is probably a bit of back story that I may have missed as I don’t get every single reference that is being made, but I’m still able to somewhat read this story. The problem is how the bubbles are laid out, what’s being thought and what is actually being said. I didn’t even know who was talking for the first half of the first comic. It almost feels like I’m reading two books at once, that’s just hard for me.

Anyway, there is another Joker pretending to be the real Joker and doing all kinds of weird stuff. Meanwhile the real Joker is out here just trying to be left in peace, which of course he can’t find for many reasons. That’s usually a bad thing for the ones bothering him though. “The Riddler is going to want to speak to you.” Famous last words pal!

I am not a huge Joker aficionado, and this comic is a bit harder to read with my way of understanding stuff. The story does have my interest and attention now. I’d like to know who this impostor is and what the real one is going to do. I can’t imagine he’s happy with someone pretending to be him. I presume it’s got something to do with the multiverse, but I’m not sure. We’ll see as I finish it.

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