Judge kicks out Bloombergs large soda ban

One day before it was to take effect, a judge said that Mayor Bloomberg’s crusade against large sugary drinks ban was “arbitrary and capricious”. What does that mean? That it ain’t happening son! At least for now. Hahahaha. I love this. Mayor Bloomberg’s office tweeted out that they will appeal this decision. Good luck with that Mayor.

This news comes out along with news that Governor Cuomo’s 7 round guns ban nonsense is also getting hit in the system and he may abandon it for now! Justice is being served! I love that the people are being heard and supported. Our rights have been trampled on far too many times by the Government and these ridiculous politicians with their bans. It is unacceptable and I’m glad we are fighting back!

While we are at it, we should look to help the people that are affected by ridiculous bans on dog breeds such as pitbulls too.

It’s time for these people to focus on the real criminals and real crimes instead of silly things like this. They often forget that they work of us, WE THE PEOPLE.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Leo White

Thank god!! What a stupid fuckibg rule !! If they want more they can just buy another one!

Denise Dafoe

Just so you know, your writing leaves me snickering,,,,,alone,,,,,,in public…..well done

Angel Rodriguez

Denise, that’s what life’s all about. LOL..

Jess @UsedYorkCity

Oh wow, it’s not going into effect anymore?! Good thing I popped by your site for the latest NYC update, lol! Long live the mega size cola;-)


Hey Mayor Bloomberg. You got served son! http://t.co/ojzxTkNBl5

Leo White

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