Judy’s Spanish Food

I was up in Manhattan by Mt Sinai to visit my friend who has been very ill for sometime. I was there for about an hour, and then I head out for home. I had taught a class earlier, but had not eaten yet. By the time I left the hospital, it was 9pm or so, and most businesses were already closing down. So I came upon this place, Judy’s Spanish food, and I decided to give it a go before my luck ran out.

The place is rather small, and has that quaint, small, local Spanish restaurant feel to it. The guys who were left at the end of the day were very polite and professional in dealing with me. I had about one hour left before they closed down, and since it was so late, the food that was available was rather limited.

The place wasn’t bad, but it was not outstanding, no moments of flavor orgasms happened in my mouth. For a quick meal, it’s just good enough. You won’t hate it, but I don’t foresee anyone losing their minds over the food. I had higher hopes in the flavor department, but at that point I just needed some replenishment and didn’t care all that much.

If you are hungry, and there is nowhere else available to try, this will do.

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