Kanye West and Beck Hoopla

Kanye West, man, you must be a fool. How are you going to go on stage when a true genius is receiving an award, and act up? Bro, who the heck do you think you are doing this crap again? You need to be chin checked!

Why do these people continue to allow your dumb ass into these events? Clearly you lack the social skills, and common sense to be allowed in public. I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce, but I have to believe that she is not supporting your stupidity. Or is it all planned?

Do you guys get together and say, okay Kanye, everyone knows you as the fool, so lets do it this way this year. That is possible, I wouldn’t put it past you guys to do this for publicity. However, deep down inside, I have to believe that Beyonce and Jay Z would rather you just behave.

I can’t wait until a Suge Knight wins that same award, and let’s see if your biznatch ass would go on stage then! Sucker!

This gentleman’s tweet really sums up what happened here.

kanye west beck tweet

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