Kelly Osbourne and #toiletgate

So Ms Osbourne made a statement on “The View” that has brought upon her the rage of the Latin@ community. While on the view, and in an attempt to rag on Donald Trump; she said “If we kick out all of the latinos, who will clean your toilets?”

Osbourne has since then attempted to clarify her statement on her Facebook page, and Montel Williams among a few others have come to her defense. I truly hope that her statement wasn’t meant maliciously, but all the same, you know we are going to have to go in on her now!

I mean, seriously, what did she expect to happen when making a statement like that?

I wonder, is it the “cool” thing to attack Latinos now to get some air time and popularity? Also, what the hell was up with Rosie Perez on there? I would of tore into her if I was one of the cohosts!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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