Keon Torres

I have known this dude for a few years, and I have seen him evolve from a good artist, to a great artist. Several things come to mind when someone says the name Keon Torres. This guy is an entertainer of the highest order. I consider myself a good musician, and I also consider Keon Torres a good musician. However, what separates people like Keon from artists like myself, is the entertainment factor.

If Tupac Shakur & Fiona Apple Had A Baby His Name Would Be Keon Torres.


Flashy outfits, no outfits, cool hats, swag, rings and fingerless gloves are all items that Keon Torres will adorn from time to time. Torres is notorious for engaging the audience, he jumps into the middle of a group while performing, he strips off his shirt, and he absolutely makes an impression. See the difference? You can love two good artists, but you may or may not remember either of them a week later. There are so many different, good artists out there, that it’s easy to forget a person. However, you don’t forget the guy who took his shirt off, and jumped on top of you. That’s Keon Torres. That’s an entertainer!

An artist like Samantha Leon, enters your soul through a different emotional channel, making an impression all the same. However, Keon enters your perception through sheer entertainment factor. If you think of a Beyonce, she’s much more than just a singer, she’s an entertainer, and that’s why she has gotten so big. Keon is more or less the same. We run the same circles, yet he has featured in those local shows, while I have never been invited to do so. Think about it, do you want a good artist, or do you want a good artist that is also an entertainer and is going to draw a crowd?


The other thing about Keon that stands out to me is his hustle. The guy hustles hard. He pushes his new projects, he promotes his Facebook pages, and he is in your damn face. At times it can come off as a bit overwhelming, but dammit, you will know the guy’s name! His hustle and grind is second to none. I respect that big time. In fact, I have also begun to promote my work ala Keon Torres style! Hey, if something works, you have to emulate it!

keon torres

Keon Torres has a good selection of catchy, and well known songs in our musical circuit. His verses are a mix of fun and depth, while his hooks are catchy, and more often than not you will hear the audience singing along with him.

One other thing I have to tell you about Keon, though his last name is Torres, don’t speak to him in Spanish, you might get drop kicked! In any case, enough talk, check out Keon Torres’ music here and see what I’m talking about for yourself!

By the way, he’s also an emcee, and is available to host your show! To connect with or feature Keon Torres on your show or website, contact him here: Facebook or Twitter. Respect the hustle! 1412!

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