Killmonger Series 1-5

Some time ago, I found that the kindle site on amazon let us download a bunch of comics for free. I know I mentioned before that I was a big fan of the comixology app. The only reason I got rid of it is because they didn’t give us all the comics in a series. For instance, you’ll get volume one, but if you want volume 2, you have to pay for that separately from your subscription. I thought that was really stupid. I wouldn’t mind limits on how many you can get, so long as I can get them all.

Anyway, the kindle version of these comics function the same way as they do comixology, with smart panels, etc. That’s pretty dope. So I downloaded all the free comics they were giving us that interested me. Among them was this 5 part Killmonger series.

Now, I have to say, the story line doesn’t really flow with how the Black Panther went. So don’t expect this story to be in line with that one. Though as its own storyline, I thought it was really great. If you are a fan of Killmonger, or the Black Panther series, I’d say to pick this up. You’ll see Erik evolve as certain events force him to go down a dark, scary path. They guy is a killer, there’s no doubt about that. But as you read this story, you do root for him to succeed. Why? Well, check out the comic and you’ll see why!

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