Kim Kardashian Robbed Or Not, Your Ill Intent Matters

I don’t like Kim Kardashian, or any, and I mean ANY of her damn sisters, cousins, parents, grandparents, spouses, nothing relating to those people. Except their money, if they’d give it to me, I’d take it.

That being said, whether or not Kim was truly robbed or not, the intent coming from many of you is simply terrible. See, I don’t know or care whether it was a staged ploy for publicity, real, deserved, etc! People get robbed, it happens. I don’t give a damn when it happens to famous person.

What bothers me is seeing so much raw and pure hatred coming forth from so many people. Some folks have made comments about rape, murder, and all other sorts of really bad results that should have come about during this alleged robbery. That’s just terrible.

We are not debating whether or not this was truth. We are looking at your intent. The fact that you hate a person you don’t even know! The fact that you wish she was raped, or murdered. The fact that you say “she deserves that,” well that’s just downright terrible.

As much as I dislike their stupid tv shows, or Kanye’s horrid clothing line, I’d never wish that any harm come to any of them. Those of you who are making those kinds of statements should truly be ashamed of yourself. As disgusting as you claim they are, you should probably look in a mirror.

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