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Sometime ago, I had installed a “hack” on my kindle to prevent those stupid ads from showing up. I thought it was annoying, and since I paid for the device, I didn’t understand why the hell I had to be subjected to ads on my own device.

In any case, somewhere down the line, my device stopped accepting the kindle updates. This was likely due to something in the hack. Then amazon stated that unless you have the latest version, you can no longer log in with the kindle.

Basically, I was fucked.

I reached out to amazon, and after explaining to their support person that I did all the preliminary steps they were suggesting prior to calling, one hour later they said that they would have to escalate it to another support group. They said I’d get an email back within a day or so. That conversation happened Sunday, it is now Wednesday morning and no one has reached out to me.

So as I continued researching ways to fix it on my own, (my faith in their support was not high) I came across this app called Kubrick. I tried it on several of my home computers, including my mac, but it kept failing. At one point, I decided to hook up one of my older laptops and try there. That’s when it worked in debricking my kindle. I was able to wipe and reinstall all the software without the jailbreak. This then allowed me to run the updates and once again attach to my amazon account to download the books I’ve paid for.

So a few things to note, if you are using this tool, it may not work with newer computers. Take note of that because it kept freezing up on me until I took out the old laptop. Also, perhaps to avoid the problems altogether, unless you have a specific reason to do so, don’t jailbreak the kindle. There really is no major benefit to it as it’s just an ereader.

Huge shoutout to the folks who put together this great tool. Amazon should pay them for, cause like I said, I still haven’t heard back from them, and I’ve already long fixed it myself.

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