La Muerta comic

This comic gives me female, Latina Punisher vibes. The story is not exactly the same, but the concept is quite similar.

Maria is an army soldier who finally comes home from combat in Afghanistan, only to have her family slaughtered by a nasty group of cartel members. They left her for dead, but she manages to survive and goes on a mission for revenge. She doesn’t have any superpowers, though lady death does seem to whisper to her at night. They definitely have some sort of connection.

La Muerta manages to kill everybody who was involved in the murder of her family, but her dumbass doesn’t go after Mama Z who is quite literally the head of the snake. How do you think that works out? The cartel goes on a killing spree and kills everyone they see on the streets, including her young friend and advocate, Danny. Then she says, “It’s not over is it?”

The fuck did you expect was going to happen? You killed all her top soldiers and just left her alive thinking it was gonna be all goodie? You really didn’t think she was gonna come for those cheeks?

In any case, the situation continues to escalate, but Maria eventually gets her vengeance. But it comes at a price. She seems to owe Lady Death a blood debt. It almost feels like a ghost rider switchup in a way where she has to avenge those who are killed. After what I thought was the main story, it continues into a new story altogether. I don’t know about this series, but I did like “El loco.” I don’t love it, but it’s okay. *shrug*

I will say that y’all need to lay off with the racial epithets against Latinos here. There is no need for that to enhance the story in my opinion. It just feels like someone is trying a bit too hard. Also, the English and Spanish usage in the same sentences, that’s just cheesy and no one really speaks like that in real life. We know it is a Spanish comic, there is no need to do this to get that point across, it just reads dumb.

All in all this comic was okay. It is nice to see a Latino series of comic stories. It feels a bit cheap at times with tough people killed way to conveniently and easily, this makes it seem a bit rushed, but it’s still worth a read for what it is.

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