Lamar Odom Blackballed by the NBA

According to an article on TMZ Sports, Master P believes that the NBA blackballed Lamar after him going on reality tv.

Master P questions why all of a sudden there is an outpouring of love for Lamar, and everyone thinks he’s so great. Yet, when he actually needed help, and could have used the love, no one was to be found.

That’s as real as it gets! I have said this a million times before, particularly when it comes to hip hop, and other celebrities. Everyone claims that these old school artists are so great, and that they inspired them, etc. Okay, if you love them so much, put them on your hit album then, give them a feature. Help them get some of that money! Get them into the training camp. Give them a role in your film. Give them a job or something!


Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk! I agree 100% with Master P. It makes me sick that people come out when the person dies, is dying, or takes terrbily ill to claim to love them. Yet, while they were here, nothing.

Hell outta here with that crap! Good on P, respect! Here is the TMZ article.

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