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Lamar Odom Exploitation

It seems that many sites are merely exploiting this man’s current situation. I get that this is the nature of celebrity, especially when the story has sex, drugs, prostitutes, sex pills, and finally, the Kardashians.

I understand that when you are a celebrity, people will take liberties. Even so, I find it rather troubling that as a man is laying down, potentially taking his lasts breaths, that many in the media are trying to vilify, and kick him while he’s down.

I don’t know much about Lamar, but I really don’t need to know much about him in order to see what is happening, and frankly I think it is pretty disgusting.

This is quite similar to when Bobbi Kristina Brown was in a coma, the vultures were out and judging her, dissecting her relationships, and so on.

People want news, and I get that. But why can’t you deliver it without tearing a person apart in the process? Especially when they are in such vulnerable situation?

I hope that Lamar Odom can miraculously recover, and hopefully go on to live a healthy life. Our prayers go out to him and his family.

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