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Law protects online pedophiles!

According to an article on the atlantic wire looking at child pornography on the web is perfectly legal.

The law states that storing, sharing, recording or otherwise attempting to distribute kiddie porn is a crime, yet simply “viewing” it on your computer is not.

Public opinion is unanimous on this topic, as much as we all disagree on things, we can all agree that looking at kiddie porn is bad. Period. Even if the viewers don’t save it on their computer. SICKOS!

Surely this is one of those laws that will require an adjustment due to the times and the way things work. In the past when receiving a warrant for a wiretap, the authorities would receive a tap for “one phone number”, because historically most people had one land line.

In today’s day and age the warrant is issue for the “person”, as opposed to the number. This was an adjustment to technology, seeing as though a person could get a new cell phone weekly if they want to. Society doesn’t care if you have the porn cached, or if you were just looking at it online. It’s disgusting and sick in either scenario.

Let us hope that the powers that be adjust and fix this sooner than later. SOONER THAN LATER! The quicker we get these animals we can get off the street, the better off society will be.

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