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Lawmakers skip 9/11 hearing, Jon Stewart rips them apart

9/11 changed how us Americans lived. The horrible attacks took many lives then and continues to affect and claim lives today. The tragedy was used to start two wars which have also added to the toll of lives lost or irreparably damaged on both sides, innocent or otherwise.

It stands to reason that these politicians, these so called Patriots who love our country, our soldiers and our first responders would undoubtedly show support for and pass any laws that would help these people live as normal a life as they could all things considered.

Well, judging by the number of lawmakers who showed up to a 9/11 funds hearing, support these real life heroes is the last thing on their mind. This baffles me on so many levels. Democrats and Republicans both act as though they care for the American people, they act as though they love the country and would do anything to support their defenders.

Well, for all their talking, when it comes time to fund, support or show up for them, these lawmakers are nowhere to be found. It’s disgusting and sickening really. These leaders do not take care of our veterans, they don’t take care of our first responders, and they certainly don’t take care of us. They all make me sick with their fake love and rhetoric.

**UPDATE** House Democrats have passed the bill. Now it goes to the Senate Republicans.

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