Lazy Fitness Instructors

In this world, there are two types of people, the ones who want to be a part of something, and the ones who don’t. This applies to fitness as well. There are some instructors who live for their classes, they gain life out of teaching and helping others push beyond their limits to a healthier version of themselves.

Then there are those who are doing this because it’s a paycheck. They didn’t have anything going on, so they went and got some certifications, convinced some auditioner that they were the real deal, and got a job at a gym. Those are the lazy fitness instructors.

I can’t stand the latter! I absolutely can’t take it when sub par instructors half ass their classes. They exhibit no fire, no passion, no drive, they just mechanically go through these boring, monotone, drone like motions. It sickens me to see this.

Some participants just don’t know any better, and in some cases this is the only game in town, so they have no choice. Me, I’d rather get on a damn machine, as much as I despise those things, and pedal away rather than to be in a group ex room where an instructor is not bringing the heat.

We all have our off days, don’t get me wrong. When that happens to you, you gotta dig down deep inside of yourself, you owe it to yourself and your members to tap into whatever life you have left in you and give it to them in class! If you can’t do that, perhaps take up another vocation, cause you are going to suck at this one.

I had to do that yesterday. I was exhausted and I started what was going to be a slower paced class. As I led them, I saw that the group was moving much more slowly,¬†and they didn’t appear very motivated or excited to workout. This bothered me, and I stopped the music and addressed the class. I said, “I think we have started this wrong, and that’s all my fault. I apologize. We will now reset, regroup, and start from the top. Please take a moment and prepare yourself for what is coming.” I changed the music, I called on the little energy that remained in my soul, and I unleashed the hounds of hell! It turned out to be a great class! And with my shift in output and energy, they also shifted. Do you get it? You are the key that drives this vehicle, and if you are lagging, they will lag even worse!

If you are an instructor, make sure you want to be one, and bring it every time! If there is a day that you cannot deliver, just stay home. Sub the class out to someone else. Most of us know who lives this, and we know who’s faking the funk. Sub it out, or just give up the class.

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