Let’s talk about perception

People say that perception is everything. They say that it doesn’t really matter what is really happening, but how it is perceived. I understand that we all bring our own personal experiences to the world, and we see the world through our own lenses. That being said, how one person perceives something, and what really happened can be entirely different.

I understand and get that. However, if you perceive something that really wasn’t there and that affects someone else’s life, then you bet that you are gonna have that perception challenged and clarified. I get it, we perceive what we want to perceive, but its no my problem if your perception is not in line with reality. I won’t just accept things because you see what you see. I mean, I don’t care if its about yourself. But if your perception hurts me, then it must be addressed.

You are free to perceive things as you wish and that’s all good. However, when you try and pass your perception as fact, then that’s a problem. Especially when it’s inaccurate and affects another person.

Recently, I had someone think they saw something, they then shared this information with some of their friends, and they started a bit of a witch hunt for my head. I’m not sure if these people thought that they were going to attack me, and I was going to cower or not defend myself and push back?

If you say something about me that is true, I’ll own it. If I made a mistake, I’ll apologize for it and try to make it right. However, if you saw something that wasn’t there, and then you try and have me punished over that, you bet that I’m going to resist. I’m going to talk to anyone you have talked to, and I’m going to share my view. I’m not afraid to rock the boat. I don’t like it, but I’m not afraid of confrontation.

In life we have few things, and our reputation and person is one of them that we should protect. I treat everyone with respect, even those who don’t agree with or support me. One thing I will not stand for are lies about my character and or behavior. If you go there, expect that I will challenge it, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that I’ll remain quiet out of fear of complications.

If I’m wrong, I own it. If I am not, I will fight tooth and nail to clear my name.

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