My wife wanted to watch this movie and I wasn’t particularly interested in it. I mean, come on, another Toy Story spin off? I’m good. However, she didn’t care about my opinion and put it on anyway. Once we started watching it, I really did begin to enjoy it.

There were some really interesting space and time travel elements to the film. If you remember Interstellar, time acts funky in space. 5 minutes for you can mean a decade on earth. Due to this time situation, the film had some really sad and touching parts as well.

Buzz is determined to complete a mission that he and his commander had started. Meanwhile, with every trial, 5 years pass. He’s so involved in the mission that he simply forgets to live, yet those left behind accept their fate and live full, enriched lives. Its pretty sad actually, and probably a metaphor for many of us alive today.

Overall, it was a really entertaining film with a pretty cool story, some great graphics and a nice balance of humor and emotional heart tugging. Finally, I will say that I really love the cat Sox, he really takes the film over the top!

Great film and you should definitely watch it.

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