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Listed As An Option But Alioela Dental Is Not Accepting New DMO Patients ONLY PPO.

When my wife and I were transitioning into our new health and dental insurance, we were forced to pick a dentist. After much research and looking through the dozens of dentists available, we chose Alioela Dental. The offices were listed on the guardian website, so we figured that we were good to go.

Sometime later we received our dental cards, the dentist’s information is printed on it, and again I figured we were good to go. Now as we are trying to schedule our family check ups, the dentist office states that they are not taking any new patients unless they are PPO.  Huh? How can you be listed on the guardian website, and we get this far, but you are not accepting new patients? Sounds to me like this dentist office is only working with people whom they can charge more to. Picking and choosing their clients. Now ain’t that some crap?

Now, we will have to go through the painstaking process of changing our primary dental provider. Thankfully this is not through our own doing, because odds are this is not a simple process. Generally, these insurance companies only allow changes during open enrollment periods. In this case, this is the dentist’s doing, so I feel we have options here.

In any case, I wanted to share this with you so that those of you who are researching for a dentist don’t make the same mistake that we did and choose these unscrupulous people.


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