Little boy begs dad not to call cops on black man

So as usual a black man is around and a white person decides to call the police because they don’t belong there.

Nothing new here, right? Nope, just some more race baiting by a mindless liberal. You know how we love to make things up about racism. No I’m not making this up, it’s actually just another white guy calling the cops on a black guy.

Well, this story has a twist that should further solidify the stubbornness and stupidity of men like this one. In this case, the white man’s child is telling him not to call the police. He is not happy with what his dad is doing, he’s pleading with him, but the man insists on going forward.

It is my belief that this child is aware of how things work out for people like this man. The child is obviously concerned for what could happen and probably doesn’t want to end up a pariah because of his father’s foolish behavior. However, the father is not deterred, not by his child’s pleas and not by the black man’s warning regarding his impending internet exposure.

Just another white man joining the ranks of needless cop callers.

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