Logitech G603 Wireless Mouse

So I tried a few different types of mice on my search for the “perfect mouse.” Pretty much like everything else I’ve done in regards to my gaming setup. I didn’t try as many mice as I did headsets because it didn’t take long until I came across and settled on the Logitech g603. This may have been the 3rd or 4th mouse I tried in my search. 

So why did this mouse make the cut against some other fancier mice? Yes, this mouse is fairly basic in so far as gaming mice go, it has two side buttons, the two main mouse buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. That’s all there is as far as buttons, and I’m just fine with that. 

There really is nothing out of this world about the mouse, but it works really great for my specific needs. I like how it fits in my not so huge hand, I love that I can toggle between two devices by pressing a button in the bottom that goes from the lightspeed dongle to bluetooth mode. The wheel has a nice grip and doesn’t give me any issues scrolling like some of the other “slippery” or too soft ones did. Although I have noticed that sometimes it does the “downward” action when I scroll up. Apparently that’s a known feature with this mouse, and though it is annoying at times, it’s not a deal breaker for me. There are a bunch of DPI settings, though I’m not an expert when it comes to that, hey, I use the green one. LOL. The clicks are audible and responsive too.

This is a wireless mouse and I was slightly concerned that there would be some heavy lag and hurt my gaming experience. However, I’ve had zero problems playing games like Counterstrike GO and Call of Duty. I’ve experienced absolutely no lag or connectivity issues. The battery seems to last a really long time, I don’t think I’ve had to change it once yet. The mouse doesn’t feel heavy in my hand and the dongle is pretty small and out of the way. 

Overall, I love this mouse and when this one inevitably dies, I’m going to get myself another one just like it. As mentioned before, I didn’t try as many mice as I have headsets. But why bother if you find a great one early on during the search? I mean why continue to look? Maybe, just maybe I’ll look around a bit when it dies, but I doubt it. If it had maybe one more button on the right side, then utter perfection. But as it stands, I love this mouse and I’m very happy with my purchase and experience. Great buy!

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